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Women are now a major driving force in the economy. But whilst women’s consumerism has increased, our participation and ownership in the economy is not on par with men. The labour workforce presents a multitude of challenges for women - unequal opportunities, the gender pay gap, tendency towards the informal labour sector, safety at the workplace and many more. Women also often take on the majority burden of unpaid care work – caring for their children and other family members and caring for the day-to-day running of the household. For many women, much of the financial management of the family is left to their husband, father or other male members of their family. Less women have bank accounts, own property and assets, make financial investments or have sufficient savings. This makes us more vulnerable to financial stress – death, retirement, divorce and single women, unemployment, aging are all factors that expose women to financial hardships and even poverty.

We have come together to do our part in making women’s journey through life, women like us, more secure. We are three friends, combining our knowledge and experience in finance, technology and family laws to bring about a better future for women and our community.

Wahine Capital was established with the vision to empower women by securing our relationship with finance through education, skills and collaborative platforms. We hope to contribute to a future where women have access and capacity to acquire the confidence, capability and knowledge to secure a sound financial future for themselves and the society.


With Friends Like You

We were on our Sunday evening walk, contemplating our past, looking forward to our future. It was a weekly thing. A time for lifestories, a time to laugh, a time to create memories. Sharing our worries and our vulnerabilities, we found strength and regeneration in each other. What lies ahead for us? How do we deal with growing older? We went through one phase of our life – career, family. Many mistakes and much success. Where is the next challenge and the next milestone in our journey we call life?

As the conversation deepened and ideas flourished, we came to the conclusion that we would like to explore ways to strengthen other women especially financially. In our different ways, we have each faced the unique challenges of womanhood and we knew that more women faced an unstable, precarious relationship with financial security. This exposed women to other types of vulnerability, chief among them poverty. We came to a shared determination – it was time for us to weigh in and contribute efforts to build and empower women’s financial security.

And so Wahine Capital was born on that breezy Sunday evening.

Founder Profiles

Rejina Rahim

A 24-year veteran of the investment management industry in Malaysia and is the main Founder of Wahine with a keen interest in financial gerontology.

Shareena Sheriff

A lawyer who left the capital markets after 20 years and is a regionally well known gender activist with direct experience of dealing with women issues.

Jasmine Ng

An ex-banker turned technopreneur. A blockchain & payments specialist with a passion for social enterprise. Having more than 25 yrs experience in these fields, she is motivated to leave the world better than when she came into it.